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The United State of Rhythm was formed in 1995 by C. Alexander Dawson. Originating  from Detroit Techno & Chicago House.

The U.S.O.R. brings a vast array of moods and styles to each project, due to the fact that C. Alexander is a truly Multi-Genre musician, artist, and producer.

With a successful re-launch of his label (Wings of Wonder Records), release of the 14 track progressive trance album ” TranceMission”, (which is still growing in both exposure and sales), The U.S.O.R. is ramping up to have a lasting impact in the music industry.

The United State of Rhythm is set for the release of a second full album entitled “Future Love” a progressive house music project due for release in early 2019.

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MaryAnn Foreman has always had a deep love for music and creative writing involving poetry, lyrics and short stories. She always had a desire to combine her love of all three of these creative forms into musical and visual projects featuring each form.

The title track on the eight song Ep. of Deep Chill, Deep House and Progressive House, is entitled “Wings”.  A deep,  sexy, haunting progressive sound that pulls you in from the very first note and then takes over your mind with the sensual feel of MaryAnn’s voice paired with the visual power of her words, and the world class musical production of C. Alexander Dawson (U.S.O.R.)

MaryAnn Foreman will surely be a talent to watch as we expect her to be creating beautiful, stand out projects for the public to love and remember for many years to come

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Mat Baroudi was born in Ghana, West Africa, raised in London and sent to English Boarding school by his parents to get a good education back in the 60s. Having a desire to create music, he opened and ran a small commercial recording studio in London,  Working with such groups as Spandau Ballet, Cutting Crew and Helen Terry of Boy George fame.

He (Mat)played keyboards along Dj’s during MTV’s “Real World” at the Palms. And he has also performed
his original breaks and house music at venues throughout Las Vegas and at the famous NYE event on the Las Vegas
We are very excited to have Mat Baroudi become a part of the Wings of Wonder Records family of artists.
The future is looking bright for him and we believe all these years of hard work will be paying off .

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“6 minutes in Space” the 1st single released from the upcoming 7-album
series entitled “Thunder Mountain 1” from C. Alexander Dawson’s (Thunder Mountain Project). An ongoing creation and production project exploring the spirit, depth, emotion and consciousness brought about by listening to the genre of Ambient, Downtempo, Spacial, soundwave, ChillOut and Deep Music.

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(Soul Therapy Collective)

While spending time in Germany in 1994 Gyasi Sanders aka (Soul Therapy Collective),fell in love with techno music. Then after returning home to Oklahoma he began searching for that styleas well as other genres of electronic music.

Upon discovering 80’s house and techno and he was hooked. He began learning how to dj in the summer of 1996 and by 1997 was djing in what became the hot new underground club (Wild Grooves) that he and his friends opened.

One day, while at a friends house he was exposed to a piece of recording gear called the ASR-10. He seemed to have a natural talent for it and was asked to do some music with his friend’s brother.

After learning to program beats and using digital equipment Gyasi met Shannon Chambers and the two began djing together under the name Soul Therapy. Though the two still ocassionaly do projects together, Gyasi is finding his own lane and sound as Soul Therapy Collective.

Utilizing all of the different tools, technics and experience he has
gained over the years. From having been released on (inkfish records), (Deeper Shades), (Soul Therapy),and enginering many other releases for east coast, and European labels and artists.

He is now joining the Wings of Wonder Records family to release his
newest deep-house single entitled “HeartBeat”, to be followed by an Ep. and a full album. Soul Therapy Collective is surely going to be
one to watch in the future of the Deep-House music genre.

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